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tenure_chasers's Journal

Academics On or Near the Tenure Track
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This community is intended for mutual support, tip-sharing, bitching and moaning, and other communication regarding the rat-race that is the tenure track. We welcome academics of all disciplines who are either on the tenure track or currently job-hunting for a tenurable position. We talk about how to get on the tenure-track, how to stay on it, and how to grab the brass ring. We have the best job in the world . . . so long we don't let anyone ruin it for us.

Membership is by request only. Please email garrity through livejournal if you're interested.

Things may be shared here which are politically sensitive within academe. Rule the first: what is said by the tenure_chasers remains with the tenure_chasers. Please do not link or refer to any information shared in the community in any other context. Breaking Rule the First is grounds for immediate expulsion from the community. Let's show more collegiality than some of our colleagues do!